Demir Çelik Store Magazine Interview

My name is Saim KAHRAMAN, I was born in Izmit in 01.02.1975. I have completed my secondary education in 1987 and started to work as an apprentice. After I have completed my military service in 1995, I worked as bench operator in a private company until 2000. In 05.05.2000, we have founded Cesa Machinery San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. With Cemalettin KOLÇAK, now I am the general manager of the company.

Cesa Machinery offers service to Iron-Steel industry with full capacity. We are offering service to approximately 20 steel-iron companies. 10 out of 20 companies are foreign companies. We generally manufacture the products that the companies import from abroad. We are producing machine parts, which are hard to manufacture with high level of precision. We are very assertive about monoblock bench parts that are used in the industry. Along with this, we are very successful in manufacturing the necessary equipments for flat product manufacturing.

All of our products are used in the iron-steel industry. We export our products to Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Morocco and India. We have accomplished many, and will accomplish more with the assistance of our principles. We endeavor to improve ourselves day by day and we pay considerable attention to R&D. We have the capacity to fulfill turnkey Rolling plant projects. We also have utilities, such as, production increase, modernization, calibration and project designing.

There are many companies in this industry and this excessive numbers of companies may sometimes be beneficial or harmful. The benefits encourage us to work harder, to be more self-sacrificing, improve ourselves more, to make more investments in technology and to do more R&D. However, it becomes harder to get what you give in return in domestic market.

First half of 2011 was very successful for us and our business was going well. We have added new CNC benches to increase our production capacity, and we are very optimistic about the second half of the year.

Our long and short-term plans are to make more investments to technology and R&D, to be globally known by making world-class production, and we would like to see our company in a respectable position in the world.

We are pleased with the works of your magazine, we wish you lock in this industry and we would like to thank you for this interview.