CESA / Services

The products that are of particular interest of our Company:

  • Steel plant arc furnace electrode columns,
  • Rolling plant heating furnace exit runners,
  • Preparation bench entrance exit runners,
  • Full-manufacturing of preparation group finish benches,
  • 4 sets of slitting casings and their backups,
  • Jaw casings and their backups,
  • Pulley casings and their backups,
  • Non-pulley casings and their backups,
  • Composite ring and mangles,
  • Composite ring and connectors,
  • Mangle labyrinths,
  • Shaft retainer heads and bearings,
  • Complete termex units single lane or double lane,
  • Complete production and backups of flying shears,
  • Flying shear knives,
  • Cartridge group equipments,
  • Grate and packaging equipments.